Japanese restaurant, Roppongi Asobigasaki

gift  a rarity! Boiled Arima eel
– Vegetarian kaiseki menu Start
– Souvenir menu. Please relish by all means it is very popular.
– Limited course feel free to enjoy
– Fresh fish from Misaki port arrived in direct delivery.
– Menu seasonal

Attention of season.arrival the season of Ayu and eggs.Please enjoy the eggs of delicious Ayu in salt Uruka baked.This is a seasonal of September to November.Attention of foodstuff.Thing of course is to use the fresh material,By select the delicious material to that time will determine the menu.Attention of pottery.Imari using in our shop、work of Chitoujin SAWADA has daring and full of humanity humor. Unique and bohemian pottery is very attractive and brings out the food.

Enjoy the season through the cuisine, please enjoy the essence of Japanese specialties.Please taste  the most delicious time of fresh ingredients.please enjoy  essence  of Japanese culture to amuse the season through cuisine and high-quality time.carefully selected all seasons material! We take the time and effort in for bring out the great tastes.Misaki direct delivery! The taste of fresh seasonal fish,  sashimi and nigiri are our pride.Delicious fresh! of Misaki direct , and selects a best fish of season.Fresh sashimi accompanied by a season of colors.

a rarity! Boiled Arima eel. just served very delicious place to warm rice. It is a rarity stewed  that is  eel of Lake Biwa and  Arima pepper , masterpieces of Hyogo. Since it has boiled firmly together with the boast of source and, we finish in strong taste. Can you just served very delicious place to warm rice. grand sushi roll FUTOMAKI. 
Please enjoy the accent of eating quality.Herring roe, prawns, conger eel, omelet, dried gourd shavings, shiitake,, cucumber, shiso,Futomaki’s filling is the plenty packed, Please enjoy the accent of eating quality.

Hospitality with great mind into all dishs, hspitality with great mind into all dishes. Roppongiasobigasaki decorated in seasonal flower arrangement. The kaiseki cuisine, as wear a kimono, Cuisine is decorated with pottery who made to Ceramic artist Chitoujin, Incorporating a carefully selected seasonal ingredients of the four seasons everywhere, Farm Fresh, seafood of Misaki port made to special sushi. will offer a menu that'll taste the season.Focusing on seasonal ingredients, dishing to also distribute the mind, a kaiseki cuisine enjoyed even in the eyes. For example, in a menu of Mutsuki,  It starts from the appetizer to image the Setsubun, Please relish the pie of Shirako of Blowfish and golden crab from Ishikawa Noto direct. Please come to dining with important persons.

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